pavilion design
a collaboration with "Archipleasures"
+ Detroit City of Design Competition Submission - Finalist
+ UNESCO Detroit City of Design

Our team seeks to enhance the landscape with a playful and flexible installation that supports the community’s endeavor to reclaim spatial stewardship over designated locations in the neighborhood. It will ultimately be a sculptural installation that indicates change in time and space. At its onset, the project will serve as a beacon, a spectacle. But as more people grow accustomed, it will become quotidian and unseen, truly blending in with the urban elements that make up a streetscape- the bus stop, the streetlights, the stop sign, the bench, the trees, the trash can- all the things that make up a neighborhood.
Timeframe views the portal as an iconic architectural element that is shared throughout cultures- a fundamental expression of invitation or welcoming. Its form functions as a marker and defines clear transitions between spaces. The material strategy is borrowed from the concept of scaffold construction- an installed system that is in constant temporal state, as it is only used to support another building. However, it is the symbol that anticipates, prepares, and promises a final product in the making.

The assemblage will be composed of readily available PVC piping. As a pilot, the ideal project would be easily maintained but also allow for constant experimentation and customization. The density of humble materials will generate transparency and a recognizable presence on the site. Taking cues from commonplace urban artifacts, like roadblocks or traffic signs, the project seeks to imbue an otherwise ordinary object with tailored configurations that can house multiple types of activity. The deployable and modular markers can be strategically placed in the landscape into three main configurations. The first, imagines how all the modules on the given site invite larger audiences to stay, inhabit, and engage a more localized event. This can take the form of a concert or a community gathering. The second, encourages people to walk around the project and to experience its multiple facets, similar to market stalls or playgrounds. The last configuration, blatantly asks pedestrians to travel from one module to the next. The intention is to ease visitors into experiencing the diverse stages of walkability.

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