Social Sensory Surfaces
Lead Designer and Instructor | Sean Ahlquist
Design “Distort” Team | Bing Sun + Sam Cui + Molly Knight + Tommy Nam

+ Research Through Making Exhibition 2015

Touch is vibrant yet delicate. This interaction between two different qualities through this sense creates a memory and feeling through the responses of the body and mind. In this seminar, our team was interested in this moment of interaction and interplay between a fabric surface and human involvement. Using the kinect we want to explore data and visual output through sensor technology capabilities. In addition to visual output from sensing movement, depth, and force onto this surface, we were also interested in projecting datasets of information by understanding functions of layering information when people will push or pull onto the surface. When developing the fabric we want to be thinking of ways to increase flexibility and durability of this texture. Lastly the surface needs to have a structural frame that holds itself together. We will be looking at ways to create a frame out of composite tubes.

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